Fresh Start

Written by: Juana

Summary: Felicity, Julie and Elena meet their new roommate. Ben continues with his plans to win back the girl of his dreams…Felicity.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in my story, they belong to the wonderful writers and creators of the hit WB show.


Felicity, Julie and Elena are standing in front of an apartment door. Felicity reaches over and rings the doorbell. The girls wait for someone to answer…but there is no response.

FELICITY: Are you sure this girl knew we were coming over today?

JULIE: Yes. I talked to her last night. She did mention that she had to pick up her step sister from the airport though. Maybe they just aren’t back yet.

The elevator dings and a young girl comes out of the elevator. She looks to be about Felicity’s age and she is wearing faded overalls and her long blond hair is in braids. She lugs a huge suitcase behind her.

MELISSA: Oh my gosh…are you the girls that are here to see the apartment?

JULIE: Yes…is this a bad time?

MELISSA: No…gosh no. I just didn’t realize I was running so late.

Melissa get to the door and unlocks it for them.

MELISSA: (cont.) Go on ahead and take a look around. I just need to go down and help my sister with the rest of her luggage and then I’ll be right back.

FELICITY: Ok…sure.

Felicity, Elena and Julie walk into the apartment…which is actually quite large.

FELICITY: You’ve got to be kidding me…this place is huge. Julie are you sure we can afford this?

ELENA: I would sell my vital organs to get this place. Is that going to be necessary?

JULIE: No. It’s really reasonable…I swear.

ELENA: Then what’s the catch?

JULIE: Nothing. The only drawback is that we have to be roommates with some girl we hardly know. But look at the size of this place…we’ll probably never see her anyway.

FELICITY: Who is the other roommate?

JULIE: Its Melissa’s sister…the one she went down to the airport to pick up.

FELICITY: Why do I get the idea that the catch is…some nightmare roommate.

ELENA: Felicity…you know I love you girl, but this roommate could be the bride of Frankenstein for all I care. I want this place.

JULIE: I’m sure it will be okay.

Melissa comes back in to the apartment with her sister in tow. Felicity, Elena and Julie are standing in front of a couch…when they see the roommate they all drop down onto the couch in utter disbelief. Felicity is the first to recover.


Megan, Felicity’s old dorm mate looks over at the three girls on the couch and gives her step sister the evil eye.

MEGAN: This is a joke right…hidden cameras and all? Come on out Mr. Funt…jokes over.

ELENA: I would have been happier with the BOF.

JULIE: (muffling a laugh) Megan…it’s…well it’s you.

MEGAN: One and the same Pollyanna.

MELISSA: You know these girls? What a great coincidence.

MEGAN: These are not my kind of people Melissa…I sent you specific instructions on the type of roommates I wanted and no where on those instructions did I ask for a whiny, obsessive…

FELICITY: So I’m just going to go out on a limb here and guess that the apartment will be going to someone else.

MEGAN: Well at least you’re smarter than you use to be.

MELISSA: Meg…I already took their deposit and did their background checks. Believe me when I say…this is the best you can do.

MEGAN: I am not going to live with the girl of a thousand sweaters. Find someone else.

Megan goes into her room and slams the door.

MELISSA: I’m so sorry. I’ll talk to her and straighten things out.

FELCITY: Actually…do you mind if I go in and talk to her?

MELISSA : I’m not sure that’s such a great idea. She can be pretty moody sometimes.

FELICITY: Believe me…I know.

Felicity walks over to Megan’s bedroom door and knocks on it. There is no answer.

FELICITY: Megan…I know you’re in there.

MEGAN: (OC) And yet you still keep annoying me with the knocking.

FELICITY: I’d like to come in if that’s okay with you.

MEGAN: (OC) And if it wasn’t?

FELICITY: I’d probably come in anyway.

MEGAN: Fine…enter.

Felicity opens Megan’s door and enters.


Megan’s room is very dark and gothic looking. Felicity cringes slightly at the décor.

MEGAN: What’s the matter…don’t like my decorating?

FELICITY: It’s a tad…overpowering.

MEGAN: Ok…so did you come to insult everything that I believe in or is there a point to your presence?

FELICITY: I came to ask you to reconsider.

MEGAN: Why? You can’t possibly think that you would be happy sharing living space with me again?

FELICITY: I don’t know. I mean we’ve both done some growing up since then. And it is a great place Megan. Can’t we maybe call a truce and give living here together a chance?

MEGAN: You don’t like me…remember?

FELICITY: I remember…but if I’m willing to try…I think you should be too.

MEGAN: We’re not gonna be friends.

FELICITY: I’m not asking you to be my friend…just to rent me and my friends some rooms. What do you say?

MEGAN: Whatever. Fine…Ok…yes.

FELICITY: Thank you. You won’t regret this.

MEGAN: Yes I will.

Felicity leaves Megan’s room and shuts the door. She walks into the living room where Elena, Julie and Melissa are.

FELICITY: Looks like we have a new place girls.

The three girls excitedly hug each other.

JULIE: This is going to be so great!

ELENA: It definitely rocks!

FELICITY: It’s the start of a whole new life…a brand new beginning for me.

Megan walks into the room.

MEGAN: And the beginning of my nightmare.


Ben is on hold on the phone…Noel walks up to his door and knocks on it.

NOEL: Do you have a second?

BEN: Not really…no. (motioning to phone) Important call.

NOEL: Ok…well I thought about what you asked me…and my answer is yes.

Ben hangs up the phone.

BEN: Really?

NOEL: I thought that was an important call.

BEN: Oh…no actually I was just ordering a pizza. So you’ll do it? Really?

NOEL: You seem surprised.

BEN: I guess…well I am actually. It still seems somewhat cheesy to me. But I’m literally scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas here so…anyway thanks.

NOEL: Yeah…no problem.

BEN: Remember…you can’t tell anyone that you’re doing this.

NOEL: I know. And as for the cheese factor…if I thought something like this would change my situation with Elena…I’d do it in a heartbeat.

BEN: Thanks man.

NOEL: So who’s the third guy going to be?

BEN: Not a clue.


Felicity is packing up her room when there is a knock at the door. She goes over to open it. Noel is standing there.

FELICITY: Noel? Hi. What brings you here?

NOEL: I came to help. Julie told me that you were moving out of the dorm.

FELICITY: Yeah…it’s this great place. Aside from Megan that is.

NOEL: Yeah…Julie told me. Who would have thought she’d still be here…or alive for that matter.

FELICITY: (giggles) I’m sure it’s going to be fine. I mean how bad can it be?

NOEL: What are famous last words Bob?


NOEL: You know like on jeopardy? How they have to put the answer is the form of a question…Yeah…never mind.

FELICITY: So thanks for coming over to help me. I’m just about done packing the boxes and the movers are coming tomorrow.

Felicity walks over and opens the top drawer of her night stand. The contents of the drawer rattled her and she sits down on the bed.

NOEL: What?

Tears start escaping from Felicity’s eyes.

FELICITY: It’s nothing. I’m just being a little emotional here. I mean it’s not like it happened just yesterday.

Noel walks over to the door and examines the contest. It is pretty much the Ben drawer filled with ticket stubs, little gifts and a ton of photos. In the middle of the drawer is a small box. Noel picks it up.

NOEL: What’s in here?

Felicity takes the box from Noel and gingerly runs her hands over it. She takes the top off it and removes Ben’s grandmother’s ring.

NOEL: Wow…I’d sort of forgotten all about that.

FELICITY: Not me. I look at it practically every night. I keep thinking that I should probably give it back to him…but I can’t.

NOEL: Why not?

FELICITY: I guess because it’s like this final tie to him. If I give it back…I have to admit that I’ve given up.

NOEL: And you haven’t…given up I mean.

FELICITY: Logically I realize that it’s over…but emotionally I have this huge hurdle in front of me that I still need to jump.

NOEL: I know what you mean. I know Elena’s gone…I see the new guys she flirts with and yet my heart keeps telling me that she is coming back.


NOEL: I know…she’s not coming back.

FELICITY: No…I was just going to say…I’m sorry.

NOEL: For what?

FELICITY: For the way she hurt you, for the pain you’re going through. I keep centering on my pain and forgetting that one of my best friends is hurting too.

NOEL: It’s okay. Besides…I’m here for you right now. So let’s get packing.

The door which Noel left slightly ajar is pushed open and Elena walks in. She is startled to see Noel.

ELENA: Noel…uh hi.

You can see the obvious pain on Noel’s face. He gets up off the bed where he was sitting next to Felicity.

NOEL: I should probably go.

Noel starts to walk past Elena. Elena awkwardly steps aside. As Noel leaves she closes the door.

ELENA: That wasn’t too awkward.

FELICITY: Yes it was.

ELENA: I was being sarcastic.

FELICITY: Aren’t you two ever going to be friends again?

ELENA: Highly doubtful. I can’t stand the wounded puppy dog look he gives me every time I see him. It just makes me feel so guilty.

FELICITY: He loves you Elena. What do you expect him do?

ELENA: I know. I guess…I had just hoped he would have moved on by now.

FELICITY: Why is that the dumper always thinks it should be so easy for the dumpee to move on? Perhaps you missed the part where I told you that he loves you.

ELENA: Are we gonna fight about this? Come on Felicity…I’m sorry. I know that this is easier for me…I was ready to move on. I care about Noel…I do. I’m just not *in love* with him…and until he realizes that…things will always be awkward between us.

FELICITY: I know…I’m sorry too. I am definitely a little over sensitive on this issue.

Elena hugs Felicity.

ELENA: It’s okay…you’re my girl.


Julie is on the phone with Marc.


JULIE: I don’t understand. You told me that you would help and now you’re telling me you can’t? What *big* thing came up. I think you at least owe me a better explanation.

MARC: I’m sorry really.

Sheri is in bed next to Marc…she is nuzzling his neck as he talks on the phone with Julie.

JULIE: You know what fine…I could care less whether or not you show. You have been such an ass lately it’s probably for the best.

Julie slams down the phone as everyone turns to look at her.

JULIE: Marc won’t be helping us today…no big deal.

SEAN: Yeah…Sheri bagged too.

Felicity looks at the both of them and silently curses Marc and Sheri for putting in the position of knowing their little *secret.*

Felicity moves into her bedroom and starts unpacking boxes. Noel comes in a few minutes later.

NOEL: How are you doing?

FELICITY: Great. How about you?

NOEL: Chinese water torture would be easier. She knew I was going to be here and she has this guy Trevor come help…how can she be so…so…

FELICITY: Insensitive.

NOEL: Exactly.

FELICITY: I wish I knew what to tell you Noel…but I’m drawing a blank here.

As Felicity and Noel are talking in her room…Ben enters the apartment. He is greeted by everyone in the living room.

FELICITY: (cont.) Ben is here?!

NOEL: Oh…I forgot to tell you. Sean asked him to help.

FELICITY: You knew he was coming?!

NOEL: Uh…yeah.

FELICITY: No…it’s fine. I’m sure everything will be okay.

Felicity walks bravely out into the living room as he sees Ben her nerve starts to go. Ben turns around and sees her.

BEN: Hey.


BEN: I hope you don’t mind me being here. When Sean told me you were moving out of the dorm…I just wanted to help.

FELICITY: Thanks. I’m gonna go and unpack some boxes. I’m sure I’ll see you later.

Felicity hurries back to her room. She is starting to unpack a random box when Ben comes to her door, which is slightly ajar, and knocks.

BEN: Can I come in?

Felicity turns to see Ben at the door….she hastily wipes some small tears that had escaped as the feelings of the moment had taken over.


Ben walks into the bedroom and Felicity stares mesmerized at his presence.

BEN: It’s really great to see you.

FELICITY: Yeah…you too.

BEN: I just wanted to come in here and say that if this is too *weird* for you…well I can go.

FELICITY: No…please I want…I would like it…if you stayed.

BEN: Okay. So where do you want me to start?

FELICITY: You want to help me in here?

BEN: (half smiling) Sure…if you don’t mind.

FELICITY: Okay…um. I wanted to move my bed…but it’s a little heavy for me to move it around.

BEN: Ok.

Ben goes over to the box spring on the floor and starts to pick it up.

BEN: Um…I’m gonna need some help here…if you could..


Felicity goes over and tries to pick up her end of the box spring. It is clearly a struggle for her.

BEN: Maybe I should go get one of the guys.

FELICITY: (still struggling) No…I can do this.

Ben watches Felicity struggle with her end of the box spring practically trapping herself underneath it.

BEN: Maybe if we both just did one end at a time.

Ben moves over to the same end of the box spring as Felicity. His closeness makes her start to breathe a little heavier. The two manage to get the one end of the box spring on to her frame.

BEN: (looks intently at Felicity) Only one more end to go.

Felicity looks at Ben and can just feel the heat start to work its way through her body. Ben is obviously very affected by her closeness to him too.

Both Ben and Felicity get the box spring up on to the bed finally and move over to the mattress on the floor.

BEN: Okay…if we drag the top end of the mattress over to the bed...then we can stand on the box spring and pull it over…then it will just be a matter of turning it around. Got it.


Ben and Felicity are almost ready to step up on the box spring to pull the mattress over when Ben slips on a top left on the floor and loses his footing. As he tries to regain his balance he falls down on to the box spring followed by Felicity on top of him and the mattress on top of her.

The closeness of their two bodies causes a jolt to go through the both of them. Felicity’s face is inches away from Ben’s and the smoldering look in his eyes is sending Felicity’s mind out of control. Before she realizes what she is doing she is leaning in…kissing those lips that have haunted her mind for so many months. At first Ben is surprised but as their two mouths mold together he is also swept up into the emotions and passion. As his hands start to roam over her body…Noel comes in the room.

NOEL: I uh….I just came to see if you needed any help in here.

Felicity is instantly jarred to her senses. And practically jumps off of Ben as Noel pushes the mattress aside.

FELICITY: We…we just had a little accident.

NOEL: Uh huh…um maybe I should go.

Noel exits the room. Ben sits up on the bed.

FELICITY: I’m sorry.

BEN: Don’t be.

FELICITY: We…I…I shouldn’t have done that. You’ve made it perfectly clear to me that…

BEN: Felicity…I’m not sorry.

FELICITY: It just…it doesn’t change anything Ben.

BEN: I know.

FELICITY: You still want to be with Tiffany. I’m just a distraction to that.

BEN: I wish that you would understand that I have no feelings for Tiffany beyond friendship. But I can see that you don’t.

FELICITY: You slept with her Ben. I know this is old news and all…but it still hurts.

BEN: Are you going to let it ruin us? Because if I could take it back…I would.


BEN: Yes. I would do whatever it takes to keep from hurting you. You have to believe that.

FELICITY: I want to…

Ben puts his hands on either side of Felicity’s shoulder and leans over kissing her cheek.

BEN: And I will do everything in my power to make sure you do…but until then…Maybe I should go help out somewhere else.

Ben walks out of the room…leaving a shell shocked Felicity standing their.

FELICITY: (VO) What do you think he meant by that remark Sally…everything in his power. I mean how do you regain trust or fix hurt once the damage has already been done? But somehow…I take his word for it. Ben will find a way to get me back. And believe me when that day comes…I will not be playing hard to get. 

SALLY: (VO) Dear Felicity…emotions are definitely running high where you and Ben are concerned. And I have to say…I believe him too. I see the man that he wants to be for you and it warms my heart. I have always wanted nothing but the best for you and I do believe all trauma aside…you have found him. The man of your dreams is right there in front of you. Playing hard to get would not only be foolish…but impossible.


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