Grand Gesture

Written by: Juana

Story Summary: As Felicity begins to move on with her life the doors of opportunity begin to open bringing new friends and new men into her circle of possibilities, a fact that doesn’t go unnoticed by a very unhappy and jealous Ben.

Disclaimer: I do not own the main characters in this story they are the property of the brilliant writers and creators of the hit WB show.


Felicity is sitting at her computer typing a letter. As she finishes the letter and sends it to the printer she breathes a sigh of relief or possibly regret. She takes the letter from the printer and begins to read over it. After she is done she goes over to her dresser and picks up her tape recorder. As she begins walking to her bed to sit down she pushes play on the recorder.

FELICITY: Well…I did it…or sort of did it. I finished the letter, the first step in the new life I’m planning for myself. I know its kind of a huge step, but I think it’s for the best. I’ve been so distracted lately that I’m sure it’s for the best. It may mean some extra hours at D&D so I can afford rent somewhere but in the big picture…It’s definitely the right decision…resigning as RA.

Felicity clicks off the recorder and picks up the letter again, folding it into thirds and inserting it into the addressed envelope. She gets up grabs her jacket off the back of the chair and heads toward the door with the letter in hand. As she opens the doors Marc almost knocks her down with his mid-knocking fist.

Startled Felicity backs up.

MARC: Man…I’m so sorry.

FELICITY: It’s okay. I was just leaving. Did you need me for something?

MARC: Not if you’re in a hurry…it can wait.

FELICITY: I do need to drop this letter off…so if you’re sure it can wai..

MARC: (cuts Felicity off mid-sentence) I’ve done something…and its kind of sort of…really bad.

FELICITY: Oh…okay. Why don’t you come in and tell me about it.

FELICITY: (VO) I figured, what the hell…one last RA duty for the road. Besides how dire could the situation really be? Marc probably just had a small tiff with Julie or something even less major.

Marc is pacing around Felicity’s room…not saying anything, which is beginning to drive Felicity crazy. Felicity looks at her watch and decides to take action. She stops Marc mid-pace by standing directly in front of him.

MARC: I want to tell you….I really do. You just have to promise me one thing.

FELICITY: What’s that?

MARC: Not to tell Julie.

FELICITY: I can’t promise you that Marc…you know that. Julie is my friend.

MARC: Fine…it’s not like she’s not going to find out sooner or later anyway.

FELICITY: Find out what exactly?

MARC: What I did…what I *let* happen.

FELICITY: If you’re trying to peak my curiosity…it’s working.

MARC: It’s Chemistry’s fault.

FELICITY: Chemistry?

MARC: Yes…if it wasn’t for Chemistry…nothing would have happened.

FELICITY: Are you trying to tell me that you’ve got feelings for someone other than Julie?

MARC: Yes…I hate to admit it…I mean she doesn’t even know it yet…but I do.

FELICITY: I don’t get it…I thought you and Julie were doing so well.

MARC: We were. She was everything I could have asked a girlfriend to be.

FELICITY: So then what happened?

MARC: I told you….Chemistry.

FELICITY: I understand that Chemistry is a pretty strong thing Marc…but if you care about Julie like you say…you can fight it.

MARC: Not the feeling…the class…It happened in Chemistry class.


MARC: What’s even worse is who it is. I mean if I tell her how I feel and it turns out she’s feeling the same thing…it would change a lot of lives.

FELICITY: I’m afraid to ask…who?

MARC: It’s Sheri.

FELICITY: Sheri? Ex-girlfriend…now girlfriend of Sean…Sheri?

MARC: One and the same.

FELICITY: You like Sheri again?

MARC: It’s worse than that…I love her.

FELICITY: Oh…this is bad. Does she feel the same way about you?

MARC: I don’t know…but I think so.

FELICITY: I don’t understand…how did this happen?

MARC: We have the same Chemistry class…which up until three weeks ago was no big deal, but then Mr. Hennessey put us together on a Chemistry project…and before I knew it all the old feelings had resurfaced.

FELICITY: So maybe you just need some distance…maybe that will help.

MARC: It’s too late for that. Chemistry class made me realize one really important thing…something I’ve always known but never wanted to face.

FELICITY: What’s that?

MARC: Sheri is my destiny…my soul mate. And I can’t keep denying that. Not and be happy anyway.

FELICITY: This is going to kill Julie…you know that don’t you?

MARC: I know…and I hate myself for it…believe me. But what would be worse…staying or going? What if it was you and Ben and you found out that Ben was in love with someone else…would you want him to stay?

FELICITY: I see your point…I do. I guess I just thought that you loved Julie.

MARC: I do….just not in the same way. With Julie it’s sweet and fun…with Sheri it’s intense and passionate and every time I’m with her I ache. How is a person suppose to deny themselves that?

FELICITY: (VO) Everything Marc was saying made a little too much sense to me Sal. It was all a little too easy to relate to.

FELICITY: I wish I had the answer for you Marc… but both Julie and Sean are my friends. I hate to see them get hurt…but maybe in the grand scheme of life…maybe hurting other people is easier than giving up on the one person who will break your heart over and over again…and still manage to keep you coming back for more.

MARC: Well said. I know what I have to do. Thanks.

Marc gives Felicity a quick hug and opens the door to exit. Before he closes the door he turns back around.

MARC: (cont.) You’ve really been a great friend this semester. I couldn’t have asked for a better RA.


As Marc closes the door Felicity turns over the letter in her hand. For a moment it looks as if she might tear it up. But then she puts it into her pocket and exits the room.


Ben is sitting on the couch in front of the television, which is turned off.

Sean walks into the room.

SEAN: It’s a lot more interesting if you turn it on.

Sean picks up the remote and clicks it on. The dating show “Crush” comes on the screen.

BEN: I was just doing some thinking.

SEAN: Let me guess…about Felicity…right?

BEN: I just don’t get it. I don’t understand how we can care about each other so much and yet be unable to fix things between us.

SEAN: Maybe you should try and look at it from her perspective.

BEN: Which is what exactly?

SEAN: She’s probably tired of being on the receiving end of so much pain. I mean every chance you get you wind up back in Tiffany’s arms.

BEN: I do not!

SEAN: Really…so what are you doing tonight?

BEN:(caught) It’s none of your business.

SEAN: You wanted my help…I’m trying to help.

BEN: I didn’t ask for your help…in fact I would appreciate it if you didn’t try and help.

SEAN: Fine…continue to mope over her…even though with my brilliant plan I could have her back in your arms in time for the two of you to have an awesome summer together. But…if you don’t want to hear my idea…

BEN: Fine…what’s your idea?

SEAN: I don’t want to interfere.

BEN: Sean!

SEAN: Okay…here’s the way I see it. You and Felicity have been through a lot together and you’ve reconciled under many circumstances…

BEN: Could you maybe get to the point? I have to be at work in an hour.

SEAN: I think…I think it’s going to take a really grand gesture on your part this time. Something that will show her beyond a shadow of doubt that she is the *one* person that you are suppose to be with.

BEN: A grand gesture? Like what?

SEAN: Crush.

BEN: Crush?

SEAN: (pointing towards the television) The dating show.

Ben looks towards the television where the show is on. On the screen are 3 guys, a girl and a host.

BEN: You want me to take Felicity on a dating show?

SEAN: Not just any dating show…”Crush”… It’s brilliant.

BEN: It’s idiotic. I’ve never even heard of the show.

SEAN: It’s a great concept and one that will fit your situation perfectly.

BEN: I don’t know.

SEAN: It’s simple…really. You write in to the show and tell them about your feelings for Felicity. Then they find two other guys that she might possibly think like her too. Then you go on the show and she picks you out of the 3 guys as the one who has a crush on her and then she gets to decide if she wants to be with you and then the two of you get an all expenses paid vacation together somewhere. What could be more romantic?

Ben turns toward the television as the girl on screen is telling the host her decision. Which turns out to be remaining solo.

BEN: I’m not sure I’m up for being rejected on national television.

SEAN: That won’t happen…this plan is full proof.

BEN: How can you be so sure?

SEAN: Because when all is said and done…she loves you.

BEN: If that’s the case, then why can’t I just go to her dorm and tell her I want to get back together with her?

SEAN: Fine try it your way…but don’t be surprised by her reaction…or should I say rejection?

BEN: I thought you said she loves me.

SEAN: She does…the problem is she doesn’t really believe that you love her.

BEN: So then I’ll tell her that I do.

SEAN: It’s too simple…I’m telling you now is the time for the *GRAND GESTURE.*

BEN: Thanks for the advice, but I think I’m just going to try it my way…being honest.


Felicity is working behind the counter when Ben walks in. The two look at each other…uncomfortable.

FELICITY: (VO) I wish it could be easier Sally. It literally tears at my heart every time I see him. To get over that I always just picture him in my mind with Tiffany…kissing her. I saw it enough in school to be able to conjure up that image pretty effortlessly.

Ben walks behind the counter holding his apron. Felicity is wiping down the counter.

BEN: Hey.


BEN: So I guess it’s just you and me today?

FELICITY: I guess so. Javier went to pick up some cheesecakes from Juniors. I guess we’re going to be carrying them in the store now.

BEN: Really? That’s great. They make some really good cheesecake.

FELICITY: (VO) Were we really having a conversation about cheesecake? Granted some of the best cheesecake ever…but still cheesecake? Somebody please shoot me. When did things become so awkward between Ben and I? This was a man who knew everything about me…and yet we had nothing important to say.

FELICITY: Yeah…they do.

There is an uncomfortable silence as Felicity and Ben look at each other.

FELICITY: (cont.) I’m going to go get some more coffee beans out of the back.

BEN: Did you need some help?

FELICITY: No…that’s okay. Somebody needs to watch the front.

Felicity hurries into the back room. She leans up against the wall and sinks to the floor with her head in her hands.

FELICITY: (VO) I felt so lost in that moment Sally. So very lost. My resolve to move on with my life was ebbing from me in those tear filled moments in the back room. All of the sudden I just wanted to try and forget everything that had happened between us. I wanted to walk out there to the front counter and just *plant one on him.* A kiss that would erase all the pain and heartache of the past few months. A kiss that would jumpstart our relationship. I knew we couldn’t go back…but all the sudden I felt the strength to go forward…to let go and forget all about the icky ness of the past….that was what I was going to do…until he changed all that.

Ben walks into the back room where Felicity is huddled with her back up against the wall…tears are sliding down her face. As she sees Ben she quickly wipes the tears away and stands up.

BEN: Felicity? Are you okay?

FELICITY: Fine…I’m fine.

BEN: But you were crying. Is everything okay?

FELICITY: (VO) With that insensitive remark I lost all resolve-to-resolve things between us. I mean how could he pretend that he had no idea what he was doing to me?

FELICITY: (angry) Is everything okay? Are you kidding?

BEN: No. I was concerned that’s all.

FELICITY: I don’t get you Ben…I really don’t. You of all people should know that everything is *far* from okay. I mean we were having a conversation about cheesecake…it’s pathetic.

BEN: I know it’s a little awkward with us right now…but honestly…I don’t know what I can say anymore. Every thing seems to evoke these little spats between us now. Cheesecake seemed like a pretty safe topic. Besides you started it.

FELICITY: I just wanted to talk to you.

BEN: I feel the same way. I do. But I also feel like everything I say sets you off.

FELICITY: We need to talk Ben…about the things that are really on our minds.

BEN: You mean Tiffany.

FELICITY: (VO) ARGH!!! I have never hated a name more.  I mean sure there are some runner ups like Bliss and Lyssa…but the name Tiffany is definitely on my most hated list. Maybe because somewhere deep inside me I feel like if I had never come in to the picture it would have been Ben and Tiffany who thought themselves soul mates.

Before Felicity can answer Javier comes into the back room.

JAVIER: Hello…are we working or no? Customers are walking out with angry looks and no caffeine to cheer their smiles.

FELICITY: Sorry Javier….I’m going back right now.

Felicity walks past Javier and Ben starts to…but Javier stops him.

JAVIER: Benjamin…I think we need to do the talking. Sit.

Ben looks around the backroom for a chair.

BEN: Where?

JAVIER: Fine…we go to my office. Come.

Javier leads the way to his office with Ben in tow. Ben enters the office and takes a seat.

JAVIER: Benjamin…You are prophetic.

BEN: Excuse me?

JAVIER: You know…prophetic…how you get all weepy and blue over our little Felicity.

BEN: You mean pathetic?

JAVIER: That’s what I said…pathetic.

BEN: I know. But I can’t help it.

JAVIER: I know…which is why I’m going to help you.

BEN: You’re going to help me? How?

JAVIER: By sharing my boo-boos with you.

BEN: You know…that’s okay. You don’t need to do that.

JAVIER: It’s okay….I want to.

BEN: I think I’ve got this under control. Really.

Ben starts to get up out of the chair.

JAVIER: It’s a short book…sit.

Ben sits back down reluctantly.

JAVIER: Okay…here go. When I met Samuel….it was love…hearts…flowers kind of love…you know. But I was not so smart…(taping head with finger) estupida.

BEN: Really?

JAVIER: Yes. I play Samuel for a joke. I think to myself that if I mess up behind his back he will never find me out.

BEN: But he did?

JAVIER: Oh yes…he did. And it was sticky for a while between us. I try everything to be with him and he shut me down over again and over again.

BEN: So how did you fix things?

JAVIER: That’s none of your business. But I will tell you this…it was a Grande thing.

BEN: You mean like…A grand gesture?

JAVIER: Yes. That’s right. Something Samuel will never in a hundred lifetimes be able to forget.

BEN: Thanks Javier.

JAVIER: You’re welcome…now go back to work before I stop paying you…just kidding. But yes…go back to work.

Javier shoos Ben out of the office.

Ben walks out the backroom and back to behind the counter. Felicity is sitting at a table with Elena and Julie.

JULIE: I can’t believe you resigned.

FELICITY: Yeah…I’m having kind of a hard time grasping it myself….but it’s really for the best.

JULIE: The good new is you’re doing it just in time to move off campus with me and Elena.

FELICITY: Really? You guys want me to come with you?

ELENA: Absolutely girl…we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Julie who is sitting in the middle of Elena and Felicity puts her arm over their shoulders.

JULIE: Isn’t this great…we’re gonna be roomies!

ELENA: Now all we have to do is go see this place that Julie found in the paper.

JULIE: (to Felicity) What time are you off work today?

FELICITY: Not till 6pm. But maybe I can convince Javier to let me leave a little early.

Javier comes out of the back room and sees Ben watching Felicity intently.

JAVIER: (whispering as he walks past) prophetic…absolutely prophetic.

Ben turns around at this remark.

BEN: It’s pathetic.

JAVIER: Yes…it is.


Felicity is sitting in a chair by her window recording a tape to Sally.

FELICITY: (VO) Well Sally…I did it. Step one in the master plan is done…I’ve given up my RA position. And now amazingly step two is falling right into place…Julie and Elena want me to move into an apartment with them and one other girl. We’re going to see the place tomorrow. Cross your fingers for us that it’s not some dive, or that the other girl turns out to be a complete nightmare. As for the other issue…Ben. God when did Ben become an issue in my life? Anyway…I guess we’ll see what happens there. He really seemed to want to talk today, until Javier interrupted us. Is it too much to hope Sally that maybe someday Ben and I can figure out the secret to not only being happy, but being happy together? I know that seems like such a pipe dream at the moment, but I honestly can’t envision my life…my future being with anyone but him. God…I am pathetic. 

Felicity gets up out of the chair and clicks off her recorder. She walks over to her dresser and opens the top drawer. She pulls out a box and opens it. Inside are some of her and Ben’s accumulated pictures. She sorts through the pile and pulls out one. It is a picture of Ben and Felicity. Felicity is standing in Ben’s arms and he is gazing lovingly into her eyes.

SALLY: (VO) Dear Felicity…I use to believe that if I just knew what my future held I would be so much happier…but now after all that’s happened in my life I know that’s not the case. I would never have wanted to taint mine and John’s time together that way. I’m sort of a live for the moment gal now. Because honestly…things change…people change…fate gets in the way. There’s one thing that is really important for you to remember here, and that is not to take anything in your life for granted. If you truly believe that your future is meant to be with Ben…Don’t wait. Don’t make the mistake of thinking fate will find a way to get you back together…because it won’t. Fate will take you for a ride, fate will keep you coming back for more…but it’s you and Ben who have to do the work. And that is the one thing I know…Love takes work…lots of hard work. But the rewards will far outweigh the work…So don’t you think its time to get to work?

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