One Last Chance

Written by: Juana

Story Summary: Felicity starts to question her involvement with Ben but promises him one last chance to show her what kind of relationship they can have.

Disclaimer: I only own the character of Lyssa . Sadly all the rest belong to the writers of Felicity and I am only borrowing them.


Ben and Felicity are on his couch making out. The doorbell rings. Ben and Felicity both ignore it. Doorbell rings again

FELICITY: (in between kissing Ben) Aren’t you going to get that?

BEN: (while kissing Felicity) No….

FELICITY: (pulls away) Ben it might be important.

BEN: (pulls Felicity back to him) And it might not. I’m willing to take that chance.

Doorbell rings again.

FELICITY: I don’t think they’re going to leave.

BEN: (gets up off couch) This had better be someone in crisis.

Ben walks over and opens door. Noel is standing outside. Ben quickly shuts door.

BEN: (frantic) It’s Noel.

NOEL: (through door) Ben…open up I need to talk to you.

FELICITY: Oh my god. I told him I was going to the library….what do I do?

BEN: Go into my room. I’ll get rid of him.

NOEL: Ben…please come on. It’s important.

Felicity frantically picks up shoes and backpack and runs into Ben’s room. Ben opens door.

NOEL: What was that all about?

BEN: I wasn’t sure I really wanted to talk to you.

NOEL: I’ll make it quick.

BEN: Look Noel…if this is about Felicity. I’d rather not.

NOEL: I need you to understand some things Ben. What happened with me and Julie in no way reflects on my feelings for Felicity. I really…really like her.

BEN: What happened between you and Julie is your business.

NOEL: So then you aren’t going to tell Felicity?

BEN: That you're cheating on her?

NOEL: That I cheated on her…past tense. It was a one time thing. Because I had too much to drink.

BEN: Look man….let’s at least be honest here. The alcohol didn’t make you sleep with Julie. You did that all on you own.

NOEL: My judgment was impaired….I wasn’t thinking clearly.

BEN: Noel , I’ve lived most of my life with people using the excuse of alcohol for their actions. Alcohol doesn’t make your actions happen it only heightens your will to do something.

NOEL: Are you saying I wanted to sleep with Julie?

BEN: Yes. I’m saying exactly that.

NOEL: You’d like to believe that wouldn’t you?

BEN: What are you talking about?

NOEL: Sure. Because then it would make you lusting after my girlfriend okay.

BEN: You don’t know what your talking about.

NOEL: Yeah…it all makes sense now. You still want Felicity….so if you believe I’m a two-timing jerk…..

BEN: What I believe really isn’t important here.

NOEL: Admit it Ben. You still want to be with Felicity.

BEN: Is that what you came here for some kind of confession?

NOEL: I came here because I wanted to know if you were going to tell Felicity what happened….but now I can’t help but wonder why you're not.

BEN: This is ridiculous….you want me to keep quiet….I’m keeping quiet. My reasoning for this shouldn’t concern you.

NOEL: And yet it does. What’s going on here Ben? Why are you willing to help me out here when you would stand to gain so much by telling her?

BEN: You're paranoid Noel….plain and simple. I’m not telling her because it’s not my place. No hidden agenda…no secret reasons….just plain old I don’t want to be in the middle of your personal crisis reasoning.

NOEL: No that’s too easy.

BEN: Whatever. Believe what you want. This is not my problem….so if you don’t mind I have some things I need to get back to.

Ben opens door for Noel. Lyssa is standing at the door ready to knock.

LYSSA: (kisses Ben) Hey baby.

Noel walks past Lyssa and waves.

BEN: Lyssa…what are you doing here?

LYSSA: I ditch class to come over here and see you and that’s the greeting I get?

BEN: I’m sorry…it’s just I have a pretty bad headache…that’s why I left school early.

LYSSA: What was Noel doing here?

BEN: He wanted to talk about something.

LYSSA: Felicity?

BEN: It’s not important. So how long are you planning on staying?

LYSSA: Maybe I should just leave right now.

BEN: No…I’m sorry. It’s just that I really want to get some rest….see if I can get rid of this headache.

LYSSA: That’s okay. I’ll lay down with you.

Lyssa starts heading towards Ben’s bedroom. Lyssa is about to open bedroom door. Ben jumps in front of her, but not before she opens the door.

BEN: No!

LYSSA: What’s going on here?

BEN: (walking into bedroom) I can explain.

Ben looks around room and doesn’t see Felicity anywhere.

LYSSA: Explain what exactly?  Ben what are you looking for?

Ben picks up some jeans and shirts and underwear off his bed.

BEN: Nothing. I’m just tidying up a little.

LYSSA: Since when?

Ben walks over to his closet and opens it. Sees Felicity sitting on the floor. Quickly throws clothes in and slams door. Underwear land on Felicity’s head she pulls them off with a look of disgust.

LYSSA: Ben…what is going on?

BEN: Nothing. I’m just a little out of it. I took some cold medicine earlier.

Lyssa walks over to Ben and pulls him towards the bed. Lyssa starts kissing Ben and for a few minutes he kisses her back.

BEN: We can’t do this.

LYSSA: (annoyed) Why can’t we do this?

BEN: Because….because….because I’m pretty sure I’m coming down with a cold and I don’t want to get you sick.

LYSSA: That’s sweet…but I really don’t care if I get a cold or not.

Lyssa starts kissing Ben again. Ben pulls away.

BEN: Really Lyssa…I’m just not into this right now.

LYSSA: I don’t know what your deal is Benjamin Covington. But I’m not going to put up with it much longer.

BEN: Really Lyssa I’m just figuring some things out right now. It’s nothing personal.

LYSSA: What sort of things?

BEN: Personal stuff. I can’t really talk about it.

LYSSA: You're too tense Ben you just need to relax and let Lyssa work the magic you love so well.

Cut to Felicity in closet faking sticking her finger down her throat and gagging

Lyssa pulls Ben down on to bed and starts massaging his temples.

LYSSA: See now isn’t that better?

BEN: Mmmm. Yeah that’s nice.

LYSSA: Now just lay back and relax.

Ben lays back on bed and lets Lyssa massage his temples. Ben starts to get really relaxed. Lyssa continues to massage his temples. Suddenly he jerks up.

LYSSA: What’s the matter baby? You were just starting to get so relaxed.

BEN: You need to go Lyssa.


BEN: I just have some things I need to do…and I’ll never get them done with you here.

LYSSA: Fine. Will you at least walk me to the door?

BEN: Sure.

Ben and Lyssa exit the Bedroom. As soon as Felicity hears the door close she exits the closet. A few minutes later Ben walks back into the bedroom. Felicity is sitting on the bed.

BEN: I’m so sorry Felicity.

FELICITY: You know when we first talked in the elevator about this clandestine meeting stuff. I pictured wild passion…secret looks…stolen kisses…NOT HIDING IN YOUR CLOSET AMONGST YOUR DIRTY UNDERWEAR AND SMELLY SOCKS!

BEN: I know I’m sorry….really sorry.

FELICITY: I can’t do this Ben. I thought I could….but I was wrong.

Felicity heads toward door. Ben steps in front of her.

BEN: Felicity wait…please don’t do this. Granted today was bad…but we can talk about this.

FELICITY: What is there to talk about? We're lying to everyone Ben. I just can’t live like that.

BEN: This was never about the lies we would have to tell Felicity…it was about the feelings…remember?

FELICITY: That’s not fair Ben. Too many people are being affected by this. I mean don’t you think today was kind of a sign?

BEN: A sign?

FELICITY: That what we’re doing is wrong. I mean first Noel shows up and then Lyssa. The two people we're hurting the most with this.

BEN: Felicity it is not a sign…it’s just coincidence.

FELICITY: Regardless….I just think it’s time we put this little experiment of ours to rest.

BEN: I can’t do that.

FELICITY: I’m not giving you a choice Ben….it’s a decision that I’ve already made.

BEN: Look Felicity please…just hear me out. We started this because we had feelings for each other that we needed to deal with.

FELICITY: I know that Ben.

BEN: Have those feelings gone away for you?

FELICITY: No…but Ben that’s irrelevant.

BEN: I don’t think so. I think it’s very relevant. When we started seeing each other we agreed that we would give it a fair chance. This wasn’t about unbridled passion that we couldn’t control. This was about developing feelings that we couldn’t let go of.

FELICITY: Again Ben…I know all this.

BEN: We’re going to Palo Alto for Christmas. What I’m asking for is this. A month of just you and me together…no hiding….no secret meetings. All out in the open like boyfriend and girlfriend.

FELICITY: What if Noel found out?

BEN: How? He doesn’t know anybody in Palo Alto.

FELICITY: So I give you the month…then what?

BEN: Then you decide where you want this to go.

Voice over to Sally.

FELICITY: Sally…as is the norm lately I’m in the middle of an emotional mess. I am dating both Ben and Noel. I know…bad call Felicity….but Sally in my own pathetic way… I care about them both.


Felicity and Noel are in her room.

NOEL: I can’t believe you're leaving again so soon. And for a whole month this time.

FELICITY: Aren’t you going home for Christmas?

NOEL: Yes, but unlike you I’m not taking someone with me who wants me.

FELICITY: I’m not even going to dignify that with a comment.

There is a knock on Felicity’s dorm room door. Felicity opens it and Ben is standing there.

FELICITY: Hey. I just need to get my bag.

BEN: No hurry. The cab’s not going anywhere.

NOEL: I’ll get your bag.



The cab is waiting as Ben, Felicity and Noel walk down. Noel walks over to cab driver with Felicity’s bag and hands it to him.

NOEL: (walks up to Felicity) Have a good time. (kisses her) I’m gonna miss you. I’ll call you…well probably a lot.

FELICITY: (laughs) It will be fine. (kisses Noel) You have a good Christmas.

NOEL: (hands a small box to Felicity) This is for you. I hope you like it.

FELICITY: (hugs Noel) Noel, thank you so much. Do you want me to open it now?

NOEL: No. You can open it on the plane.

FELICITY: Well….thank you. I’ll see you in a month.

Ben leans out cab window.

BEN: Be careful you don’t over due the alcohol this season…Wouldn’t want you doing anything stupid….like getting sick I mean.

NOEL: Sure…Happy holidays to you to Ben…don’t choke on anything while you’re gone.

Felicity gets into cab and it drives off.

FELICITY: What is with you two? You could cut through the animosity cloud between you.

BEN: It’s nothing. Let’s just have a good time while we’re gone and forget about Noel.

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